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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could Seal your granite countertops or travertine floor permanently instead of periodically? Do you wish you could remove that white, powdery material on your brick, block, or stone and prevent it from coming back? Did you ever wonder how your brand new driveway got those ugly, shallow holes? Well we’ve got a permanent solution for you!

Sealing Products Direct brings you the Dry-Treat family of permanent stone treatment and sealing products to solve those problems and more. See how our sealers work: Slide Show or Technical Document

Stain-Proof and other Dry-Treat products provide the best protection for your stone and masonry that money can buy. These products create an advanced, penetrating, permanent and invisible seal that never has to be reapplied! Any cleanser can be used on surfaces sealed with Stain-Proof without affecting the seal, making Stain-Proof ideal for counter tops, flooring, driveways, pavers, brick, cultured stone, or any aggregate surface.

See our Product descriptions for help in choosing a product and coverage information. Also, see our Stain-Proof Kits for discounted pricing on our recommended combinations.

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